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Property owners and businesses have to comply with all of the rules and regulations set by the City of New York. Approvals and Permits are usually required for buildings, construction, building systems, and places of assembly. Any work not approved or permitted as required by law is deemed illegal and property owners may be issued violations.

Our Filing Representatives/Expeditors have 20 years of experience dealing with the bureaucracy of NYC government agencies and the never-ending change of rules and regulations. The rich experience that we acquired has afforded us the knowledge to resolve the most complex issues or dilemmas that the architects, engineers, property owners, real estate professionals, homeowners, business owners, and contractors faced.

Our deeper knowledge and understanding of NYC Zoning Regulations and the amended regulations are value-added for our Department of Buildings NYC expediting services.

We will represent the license professionals during the City agencies’ inspections. Prior to the scheduled inspections, we will perform a pre-inspection(s) to make sure that the project is ready for inspection with minimal objections.

We provide Expediting or Filing Representative services for Architects, Engineers, Property owners, Real Estate Professionals, Homeowners, Business Owners and Contractors for all New York City departments:

NYC Expediting Department of Buildings

For more information regarding violations issued by Department of Buidlings, please visit the official NYC DOB website 


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