general construction

Our company SLK GENERAL CONSTRUCTION, Inc is a small general contractor who is dealing with homeowners or property owners to construct, renovate or manage construction projects.

We work with Registered Architects, Professional Engineers, Licensed Plumbers, Electricians, Fire Suppression Contractors, Water Main, and RPC Back Flow Preventer Installers.

Our company is insured and OSHA certified.

We do interior renovation for 1-2-3 family buildings, multi-family buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, and institutional buildings. We also repair sidewalks and install new sidewalks.

For Homeowners that wish to add a three fixtures bathroom in the cellar or basement of their house, please contact us for a complete solution and construction estimate.

We also supply and install HVAC systems such as multi indoor units with a condensing unit. For HVAC that requires NYD DOB application filing and to obtain Equipment Use Permit, we will have our Registered Architect to file the application to NYD DOB.

If you have any questions or would like a free consultation, please contact us to Request a Free Consultation or to Request For Proposal. We will contact you or respond in a timely manner.


General Construction

General Construction

Contact us to Request a Free Consultation or to Request For Proposal